15 Days Income Challenge


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Our Income Story

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Assignment: Watch the 3 Secrets of Wealth video below and list 5 things you learned. This should be submitted to me on WhatsApp.

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Day 1: Positioning

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Organic Traffic

How Aisosa won the 80 Sales Laptop Challenge Organically

How To Create Taplink

How Aisosa Generated 2k+ whatsapp Leads Organically

Assignment: Implement all you’ve learned from Day 1, down to the training on organic traffic.

post at least 2 videos every day on all your social media platforms. you can leverage on Dr. Sam Harvard’s video contents.

Organic Traffic

How To Create Facebok Page

How To Edit Canva Template

Day 2: Pre Traffic Control Systems

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Day 3: Autoresponder Setup

Day 4: Autoresponder Setup Part 2

Autoresponder Setup Final Part

How To Import Autoresponder Rules

Do This If The Autoresponder Doesn't work on Your Device

Day 5: How to check if your Facebook account can run ads/how to request an appeal for restricted account

Day 5: Continuation

Connecting 2 or More Facebook Profiles Together For Advertising Backups

Day 6: How to create a Facebook Business Account

Day 6: How to create an ad account

Day 7 - Pixel and Landing Page Setup

How To Remove Systeme.io Badge On Your Landing Page

Day 8 - Facebook Ads Checklist

Day 9 - Ads Policies & review Process / Intro to ads library

Day 10 - Running Conversion Ads Part 1

Day 10 - Running Conversion Ads Part 2

Day 11 - What Next? After You Publish Your Ads

Day 12 - What Next? After You Publish Your Ads. Part 2

Day 13 - Analysing Your Ads Results

Analysing Your Ads Results & Paying For Your Ads On Your Smart Phone

Day 14 - Lead Nurturing

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Day 15 -Sales Closing & Followup

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