Crazy Nigerian Reveals...

How Africans like Himself Make from $500 - $2000 Monthly Working for Foreigners As Freelancers ...Even With Just a Smartphone

From ₦100k a month salary to $1600 monthly content writing gig

Before you proceed, this is NOT for you if…​

  • You want to get rich overnight – Yes, you can make decent money with this but you will not become “Elon Musk” tomorrow morning.
  • You think “anything online” is a scam – I am not in the business of changing people’s mind. Only people who are open to learning and putting what they learn to use are welcomed.
  • You expect valuable information for free – what I am about to show you is NOT free and will cost you atleast $50 to get started

So if you fall into any category above, close this page and return to Youtube so I don’t waste your time

Israel got a $1350 website building gig, same website building people charge as low as ₦50k in Nigeria

If you are still reading, you may be thinking –

“How is this different from everything else you have heard before?”​

Honestly it is not, as every legitimate opportunity requires effort to succeed BUT..


  • With this, you don’t have to bring 2 people to bring another 2 people to get paid – so you can do this even if you’re shy and don’t know how to sell
  • You don’t need to source or import any products
  • You don’t have to sell or market any course to get paid.
Anthony a 19 year old university student made his first ₦500k while still in school

Honestly I can keep going. But I have put together a Free Video to give you all the information

This information includes…

  1. What Freelancing Is And How You Can Get Started
  2. How You Can Replicate A Freelance Blueprint that helped to make 3.2 Million Naira In 3months
  3. What High Income Skills Your Should Learn And How To Start
  4. How To Find High Paying Clients (That Pay $500 And Above) On Upwork And Other Platforms
  5. How To Leverage And Speed Up Your  Progress By Working With Foreign Clients And Getting Paid In Dollars
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